New fan rewatch podcast launched

A great new rewatch podcast as just been launched.  ‘Word of the Witnesses – 12 Monkeys Podcast’ is presented by @maywegeekagain with @acapitalchick, @beepsplain and guests. This is 12 Monkeys chat and analysis by 12 Monkeys uber-fans, for 12 Monkeys uber-fans. Listen on SoundCloud or iTunes CapitalChick and beep will cover the series from the end to the beginning. It’s all SPOILERS all the time!! Plus, our scifi loving friends are coming along to co-host.  Contact us by email at or leave a voicemail for listener feedback at (678)871-0098. Find out: -why we love this show -why the pilot needs tissues -our thoughts on fate v free will in time travel …and so much more. Listen up!   Find more info…

YouTube video – how to make the Witness mask

This fun video was posted by ‘Max Imagination’  on YouTube just in time for Halloween. ‘DIY – How to make the Witness Mask out of Cardboard ‘   Max says: Hey guys! In preparation for Halloween, I decided to make the Witness Mask / Plague Mask from the popular TV series “12 Monkeys”. I made a template for you to follow my steps. Please find the link below to download the templates. Enjoy and leave your comments!:-) The Mask Templates:… List of materials you need to make the mask: Cardboard Mask templates Pair of scissors Xacto knife Glue gun with glue sticks Black and white spray paints 2 plastic tap filters that you can look through Three PVC rings…

Faulty season 4 discs

1 minute of vision was missing from the finale contained on the season 4 Bluray, due to a fault in the original file supplied to the manufacturer. This advice was given on the 5th October 2018: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE) has identified an issue that may affect select copies of the 12 Monkeys Season Four Blu-rayTM made available on August 14, 2018. The issue, in which a scene is missing from the last episode featured on disc two of the Blu-rayTM set, is not widespread, affecting only a small quantity of discs produced. UPHE’s goal is to always deliver the best possible product to its consumers. To that end, a replacement program is being established to ensure that those…

Universal season 3 and 4 Blu-ray quick report

A brief report on the Universal Blu-ray releases of 12 Monkeys season 3 & 4 ** Update 29 Sept – a fault has been found on the season 4 Bluray in the final episode  – Universal are currently working on fixing this ** The newly released season 3 and 4 blu-ray sets for 12 Monkeys have been produced as Manufacture on Demand (MOD) by Universal, which primarily means they are produced in small quantities, and in this case at least, with minimum features. While there had been early suggestions that this release would come with heaps of extras, that hasn’t eventuated. Read on to see what you’ll get for your $35-40 per set. (See this post for details of where…

New page added to the site – 12 Monkeys in the Press

We’ve added a new list of online reviews, interviews and articles to the site, covering all 4 season here. To give you a head start, some of the articles have stars against them, meaning they are recommended reading. Below are some of the best interviews with show runner Terry Matalas following the season finale, as well as a few of the more unusual articles that are also worth checking out: Season finale showrunner interviews: 6 Jul 2018 – Finale Ending Explained: Is Cole Alive In The New Timeline? Can you trust that happy ending? 6 Jul 2018 – Showrunner Terry Matalas Breaks Down Series Finale, Philosophy Of Time Travel 6 Jul 2018 – 12 Monkeys EP on Cassie/Cole’s…

‘The Best Series Finale Since Breaking Bad’! High praise for ‘The Beginning’.

The reviews are in for the grand finale of 12 Monkeys, and it’s not just the viewers who were blown away by the final instalment of 12 Monkeys.  Here is just some of the high praise from reviewers (warning, mild spoilers) The Best Series Finale Since ‘Breaking Bad’ – 12 Monkeys achieved the seemingly impossible in its final season by answering every question, completing each loop and, most importantly, rewarding not only the intellectual but also the substantial emotional investment of its audience. – Not Just the Best Time-Travel Show, But One of the Best Shows Ever – 12 Monkeys, one of TV’s weirdest shows, ends with a delightfully meta series finale – In Its Final Season, the Syfy Drama Is…

Space Without Time: How Stephen Hawking Fits Into ‘12 Monkeys’

Inverse has published a fascinating article, in which Emily Rome talk to cosmologist Sophia Nasr and Showrunner Terry Matalas about the scientific research that went into Season 4. The Hartle-Hawking State theory of the beginning of time features heavily in season 4, and this article gives some explanation of how that came about. June 22, 2018: 12 Monkeys Season 4 – Hartle-Hawking State explained

Universal release Season 3 and 4 on Blu-ray – 14th August

** UPDATE – 13 Aug 2018 ** For the latest on the Season 3 & 4 Blu-ray release date see THIS NEWS POST **   Great news just released that Season 3 and Season 4 will be getting an official Universal release on Blu-Ray this coming 14th of August. Showrunner Terry Matalas has promised lots of great extras on these disks. Expect to see more details released in the coming months. Both disk sets can be preordered at or   For updates and more information check the Ways to Watch page.

Talking Monkeys Official Podcast returns for season 4!

They kept it under wraps, but news that SYFY are bringing back the official Talking Monkeys podcast for season 4 has just been revealed. The first of the shows will appear on iTunes tonight after the first 3 episodes air. When asked about Talking Monkeys showrunner Terry Matalas said today: Yep, Talking Monkeys is back. Uncaged is thorough and recaps everything with me. Talking Monkeys features others like some writers, our composer and the occasional actor. Both different. Both worth your time. Please promote them both! So, catch them both tonight! (or tomorrow if you want some sleep)    

The Return of Moments Easily Missed

For those who have been with the site from the start you will know how great TeeJay’s ‘Moments Easily Missed‘ were, in which she looked in depth at a scene in 12 Monkeys for the moment of emotion or look that spoke more than words. New contributor to the site Racheal has picked up where TeeJay left off, and there are now a whole new batch of MEMs for your reading pleasure. Please let her know your thoughts as you’re reading them in the comments! So – have a read of some of 12 Monkeys’ Moments Easily Missed.

Update on air dates in other countries

Australian SyFy: Commencing 17th June at 7.30pm, with one episode a week Canadian Showcase: Commencing 19th June at 10pm, with one episode a week SYFY France Commencing 26th June – every Tuesday at 8:55 pm (Update 4 June) Nordic HBO: Commencing 16th June UK SYFY: SYFY UK have no current plans to screen season 4 of 12 Monkeys, based on advice received by a fan on the 8th June. It seemed possible Amazon Prime would make it available after it aired in the US, but the most recent twitter responses are less hopeful. I'm sorry, Jamie. We're unable to provide any insight into future availability. Please keep an eye on our website for an update. ^LL…

Season 4 soundtrack simultaneous release with TV premiere

Showrunner Terry Matalas has announced on his Twitter feed that the original soundtrack for season 4 will get a simultaneous release on iTunes through Lakeshore Records on the 15th of June to coincide with the screening of the first 3 episodes on SYFY. Very excited to announce that @ComposerBarton’s amazing #12Monkeys Season 4 score will be released on June 15th (premiere day!) by @LakeshoreRecs on iTunes! Here’s a piece of a piece from the finale! — Terry Matalas (@TerryMatalas) June 7, 2018   This is the second score Composer Stephen Barton has created for the show, with his soundtrack for Season 3 already available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.     More info:  

Forbes magazine review – Season 4 ‘impressive to watch’

Just 10 days until Season 4 premieres, and you really couldn’t get a more glowing review than the one in Forbes Magazine published today: Loyalists have been praising the series since its beginnings. They claim the series to be a potential sci-fi classic. Well, if the show continues down the path its on, it stands to reason it could very well achieve that status and stand right up with the likes of Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who. As it stands, it does seem to reason 12 Monkeys could find itself with a final season that winds up as satisfying as the likes of Breaking Bad – a show with a final run that did literally everything right.

First of the season 4 12 Monkeys Uncaged Podcasts

Mike and Cory have posted the first of the 12 Monkeys Uncaged podcasts for season 4, with a general refresher on season 3, and a ‘debunking’ session with Showrunner Terry Matalas. This one is safe to listen to (ie. no spoilers for season 4) goldenspiralmedia – 12 Moneys Uncaged Ep 44 Doing a rewatch? Need a memory refresher? This podcast discussion will help remind you of all the details that are important to remember going into season 4, and the best news is it features commentary from Terry Matalas himself! Be sure to subscribe to 12 Monkeys Uncaged wherever you get your podcasts – Terry will be back for more throughout the season.

Roundup of season 1-4 Podcasts added

Want to hear more analysis of the shows? A new page has been added – with an extensive list of all the many 12 Monkeys Podcasts that are out there – from season 1 right through to now. 12 Monkeys has inspired a whole lot of chatting in the form of podcasts, and the best of them are below. 12 Monkeys Uncaged – Golden Spiral Media (Season 1-4) The one that has been going right from the start – is Golden Spiral Media’s 12 Monkeys Uncaged. Hosted by Mike and Cory | | The schedule for 12 Monkeys Uncaged for Season 4 has been announced, and it will be huge – including a pre-season special in the first week of June, debriefs with Showrunner Terry Matalas immediately after…

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