Who is Cole’s mother?

Who is Cole’s mother?

The theories abound – Is it Jennifer, Olivia, Lillian, or Hannah? Or maybe someone we haven’t met yet?

The identity of Cole’s mother remained a mystery until the very end of season 4. All Matthew Cole could tell James is her name was Marion and he only knew her for a short while. He did know that she was frightened of a group called the 12 Monkeys, and that Matthew needed to protect baby James from them.

Terry Matalas has gave out a few hints leading up to season 4, including a copy of James’ birth certificate, revealing him mother’s full name to be Marion Woods. He also commented that she is not necessarily primary.

WARNING – spoilers for season 4 follow

We learn in episode 9 of the final season that Cole’s mother is Katarina Jones’ daughter Hannah. She is sent back to 2009 to investigate Marion Woods and there she meets Olivia’s daughter Emma, who is using the alias Marion Woods. The two seek refuge with Matthew Cole when Emma is shot, and Matthew assumes that the name Emma repeats before she dies ‘Marion’ is Hannah’s name.

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