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For a list of reviews and interviews covering all 4 seasons, see the 12 Monkeys in the Press page. 12 Monkeys Season 1 Report Card

It’s great to see Syfy cranking out smart, well-written and acted television again!

12 Monkeys Season 1 was easily one of the best series the network has released in the post-Battlestar Galactica years. Our hero, Cole, didn’t quite save the world but he sure took us on a wild ride. The series was loaded with memorable good guys and baddies whose actions were never black or white.

Plus, the twist and turns kept us engaged and coming back for more each week. What more can a TV fan ask for?

Let’s break down the first season even further and discuss our favorite and least favorite episodes, a couple of standout moments and our hopes for 12 Monkeys Season 2 in our TV Fanatic report card.

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12 Monkeys S1E13 Review: Arms of Mine

What a phenomenal finish to an outstanding first season!

I’ve got to say, 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 13 delivered most of the answers we were looking for, while introducing several 12 Monkeys Season 2 mysteries. What’s up with the Blue Man Group anyway?

Okay, so Cole and Cassie didn’t kiss, but we get the complete story of those two missing years next season. There will be plenty of kissing, I’m sure.

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12 Monkeys S1E12 Review: Paradox


There were so many brilliant moments in the penultimate installment of 12 Monkeys Season 1.

However, I’ve got to say that Cole meeting a younger Jones in 2015 was not only my favorite scene in 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 12, but probably of the entire first season so far. Everything just clicked into place and I fell head over heels for Jones.

The glass of milk/bullet flashes were revealed and we met some strange new characters at the end of the hour.

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12 Monkeys S1E11 Review: Shonin


I’ve got to say, though I enjoyed this installment, 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 11 was not at all what I was expecting.

There had been such a build up to 1987, that I guess I assumed we would spend more time there. Certainly more that those first eight minutes or so.

It’s okay though, because Ramse’s role in the bigger picture is now clear and the pieces all fit together rather nicely.

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12 Monkeys S1E10 Review: Divine Move

12 Monkeys - Season 1

What the heck?!?

I admit, the thought that someone with knowledge of the future was interfering with Cole’s mission hit me early on. However, watching the events go down in 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 10 was simply thrilling.

Obviously Ramse survived the jump, but I never expected him to be in 1987 for Cole’s big meeting with Leland Goines. Things are about to get even crazier!

12 Monkeys can easily be classified as “sci-fi,” but the brilliant storytelling transcends genres. This series pushes all kinds of buttons; it’s a masterpiece.

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Monkeyin’ Around: A ‪12 Monkeys‬ Chat [S01E09]


Welcome back to Project Splinter’s Monkey‬ Chat!!!

This week, Jones attacked Spearhead for their Core in order to bring Cole home. Meanwhile, Cole found himself smack in the middle of the plague in 2017 and watched Cassie die again.

Our Monkey chat panelists, Jennifer, Sarah, Carol, Kimber and Hank discuss the events of “Tomorrow” below. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments at the bottom of this post. Enjoy guys!

Let’s start with Cassie’s death scene. Share your feelings about it, and what you think happened between Cole/Cassie in those two missing years.

Jennifer: I cried my eyes out!! I had a feeling it was going to happen because of how Cole found her bones in the beginning. In the two years that went missing I think they struggled to save humanity and failed.

Sarah: It’s so sad, Cole is trying everything he can to save her. First he knows Cassie will die and now he saw it happen. He held her in his arms… There was probably a little romance going on in the two missing years. It’s kind of hinted towards that scenario. We know he will see her again. But it makes me wonder, with everything that has happened, there hasn’t been a future version of Cole that has stopped the virus? It’s things like this that make my brain melt.

Carol: That scene broke my heart. I’m starting to think that what bonds Cole and Cassie might be larger than romantic love. Something happened in 2015-2017 and whatever it was it must have been big because it brought them together… I’m thinking that Cole has lost the only person in the world who really knows him and that devastated him. Those brief moments he has spent in the past were enough to build a friendship. He finally cares for someone! The hardest part for Cassie was that the man holding her in her last minutes was former Cole, not HER Cole. The romantic girl in me wants them to be lovers but… I have a feeling it’s more than that.
It was a tragic scene, OK? Tissues were needed!

Kimberly: When she died I felt like that could have been Cole’s ultimate drive to restore the past. He seemed to be only going at it with half a heart. Honestly I don’t think anything happened, he was in 2017 looking for her. While she had the next two years to think about his being lost. ( I feel like it was her Cole, remember he thought he was in 2015 with her.) Until they met in 2017 and she was already dying. I was wondering on the watch , how the scratch was erased when he splintered to 2043. Also the address she gives him

Hank: Yeah I totally teared up, I admit it. Both Amanda Schull and Aaron Stanford killed that scene, it was very moving. As far as the two missing years, she seems to have hinted Cole and Cassie had a loving relationship. I spoke to Amanda this week, and she told me the answers are coming in Season 2. That’s soooo far away 🙁

Did Jones’ actions shock you? What’s your verdict; ruthless killer or humanity’s last hope? In other words, does she kill only because 2043 will ultimately be erased?

Jennifer: When Jones killed Foster, I was SHOCKED! She acted as though he was not dead when she shot him *BANG BANG* If you know what I mean. At first I will be honest, I screamed what a BIACH! Then I thought on it for a bit. She believes 2043 will be erased, so therefore killing foster now won’t even matter.

Sarah: I was not surprised with what Jones did. I think she’s a bit of both. But I do believe that there is someone out there who she wants to save, claiming she is/was a mother. There have been speculations. Maybe Cassie is in fact her daughter. She believes she can actually succeed and change the past, so she does whatever she thinks is necessary to make that happen. It’s like she gave herself a carte blanche. And if she needs to kill, she kills, and if she needs to lie about a cure, she burns it. But I get it, it’s family

Carol: Yes, it was all very shocking. She’s a desperate mother playing God!! I was expecting extreme measures and a few deaths but since she’s a scientist and a civilian I was hoping she could find a way to get the core without the bloodbath. I was certainly NOT expecting her to take Foster’s life herself! She thinks those are not deaths, death is a means to a end and she’s so confident that she’s right about the possibility of saving mankind by getting rid of the virus in the past that she doesn’t really see them as real deaths. She doesn’t see killing scavengers with her time machine as murder either. She trusts her plan will work. Let’s hope she’s right, otherwise she has murdered scientists that could have saved people in 2043 if her plan fails.

Kimberly: I feel like she is doing what she feels is right. I don’t think that she’s Cassie’s mother given the age of Cassie in 2017 being around late 20’s to mid 30’s. Jones is in her mid 40’s to early 50’s in 2043. So the time would have been way off for Cassie to be her daughter. I feel like we will learn more about who her daughter is though. I speculated Jennifer, but I don’t think that’s logical either. I think her daughter is just someone that we will hear about.

Hank: I wasn’t surprised she and her troops attacked Spearhead for the Core, but the fact she killed Foster was a shock. I don’t see her as a ruthless killer, I think from her point of view 2043 needs to be wiped clean. She’s so focused on fixing the past, that everyone in her present is absolutely expendable. She’s always talking about a better future.


When Jones meets Cole (and Ramse) in 2041 for the first time, she tells him “I’ve been waiting for you.” How does she know he’s the right Cole?

Jennifer: Hmm I think there is more going on than Jones is letting on! She claims it’s so called destiny blah blah… I wonder what she is hiding underneath it all.

Sarah: Ok, how does she now he’s the right Cole. Did she splinter herself once upon a time? Did one of her previous subject go into the future? I honestly only have questions, not answers. Oh, I don’t think at that point in time, in that area, that there are still a million Coles out there. So… if faith brings you a Cole… it’s probably the right one.

Carol: I think that the recording is not the only sign. I think she has more than that but she won’t show it to Cole because it would somehow affect him and discourage him from cooperating. I think Cole being the right one is larger than Splinter and Jones. He’s some sort of chosen one. I’m thinking divine intervention, fate, the universe… I also have this sick sick idea that she might have been feeding her machine with other Coles, just in case. LOL!

Kimberly: Cassie could have included a photo of him in her findings. I feel like this will be elaborated on in the next episode. I can’t wait to hear the details of HOW she knew he was the right one. I agree with Natalie in saying it would be sick as heck if she was sitting there feeding the machine different Cole’s not knowing IF he was the one or not. I wouldn’t put it past her however given what we’ve seen of her drive.

Hank: I know the answer to this one, so I’ll just agree and say there’s definitely more to it than Jones is letting on.

Jennifer reappeared! What did you make of her speech about “The Daughters”? “We daughters shall make from twelve what man could not. Yes, an army.”

Jennifer: Why yes I did reappear HA HA. ( The Jennifer chronicles ) That speech, I will admit sounded like she was recruiting an “army”. To do what the 12 man could not- I assume she is referring to the 12 monkeys?

Sarah: Did you save the tough questions for this week? Her speech will soon make more sense I guess. Did you notice the tattoo on the girl’s neck. I saw it in episode 8 too, on a man’s hand. So she must be involved. I also noticed the monkey on the wall in the background. See how I just avoided the whole question?

Carol: Jennifer has been around for the past 2 years. She has seen things, done things. Oh, she knows stuff! She’s not just a crazy lady screaming outside a lab. No idea what The Daughters are, but it’d be interesting to see… what if Project Splinter begins with her?

Kimberly: I really think she was referring to just her fathers work and what he had done. She knows things that others don’t, and she no way to expose it, because she’s been so controlled to be locked in her own mind. I wish we could learn more about that though, why she would be making a speech like that.

Hank: This one’s not rocket science ladies LOL… Jennifer clearly stressed “Daughters,” in her wacky little speech. They’re that group Deacon mentioned way back in Episode 4 “Atari.” Remember when he drugged Cole with the funky dust? Everything will make sense once you watch Episode 10 “Divine Move.”


Cole and Ramse obviously have a difference of opinion and parted on bad terms. What do you think Ramse’s next move is?

Jennifer: I have no idea what Ramse’s going to do. I have to re-watch again and think on this one.

Sarah: Well, I’m thinking that Ramse will probably sabotage a thing or two. He wants to be with his son and get to know him. But I’m with Cole on this one. Humanity needs to be saved. At this point there is no future, due to Jones’ actions. But if everything is reset, if the virus is stopped, you just have to believe that faith will bring them back together and that they will have a son in a world where the virus never happened.

Carol: Uncertain. If I were Ramse I’d desperately try to fix time so Spearhead splendour is restored and her family return there with no memories of death and pain. Will he try to use the machine without Jones’ authorisation? Will he turn out to be the corpse back in Cassie’s time, the one scientists got the virus from? I hope I’m wrong but I think he’ll attempt to do something extreme for Elena and Sam.

Kimberly: Oh gosh, Ramse is going to probably sabotage Project Splinter. I feel like everything is a huge mess right now. I mean could Sam be a possibility even if the past is restored? I mean fate could have him and Elena end up together anyways and have Sam. Time travel is a bitch sometimes. (I bet Cole says that each time he splinters) because you never know the actual outcome. I do understand why Ramse would want to hold onto this timeline though, he has something there where as Cole had something in the past. I hate that the shows only bromance will be tore though. 🙁 I really loved them as besties for life.

Hank: It’s one helluva “Divine Move” that’s for sure! Hold on to your socks folks, this is a total frakkin’ game-changer.

That’s our Episode 9 discussion. Hit the comments! Check back with us next week for our Monkey Chat on Episode 10 “Divine Move.”

12 Monkeys S1E9 Review: Tomorrow


This week, we picked up right where we left off with Cole smack in the middle of the outbreak in 2017.

12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 9 is easily my second favorite of the season, and yes my eyes watered up during that scene. If Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull failed to move you, double-check that you’ve got a heartbeat.

The writers packed so much into these 43 minutes; it was one helluva non-stop thrill ride.

By the way, 12 Monkeys was renewed for a second season so the story will continue!

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Monkeyin’ Around: A ‪12 Monkeys‬ Chat [S01E08]


Welcome to our very first 12 Monkeys‬ Chat!!!

This week, Jones visited her former colleagues at “Spearhead” because the Core that powers the time machine was fading. Cole was stuck in the past, but not in 2015. He had splinter forward to 2017.

Our Monkey chat panelists, Carol, David, Jennifer, Kimber, and Justin discuss the events of “Yesterday” below. We hope that you share your theories and thoughts with us in the comments at the bottom of the post. Theorizing is fun!

Were you confused about how Cole survived the airstrike? Did you ever imagine he was in 2017?

Carol: No. I thought it was still 2015 but couldn’t understand how on earth he had survived the blast! The 2017 jump was a huge surprise, one of those WTH moments I love about well-written TV shows. When the girl started coughing I thought “Has she caught it already? Wow, this virus moves fast!”.

David: Only at first. I’ve watched enough TV to know something had to be up. I didn’t know what they had planned but I toyed with the idea he might be in “empty space.” In other words, some sort of “buffer” that held him before he could move on. I would have loved to see how they would have conceptualized that.

Jennifer: I was very confused but really happy! Now I’m wondering how he did it!! I so did not think he was in 2017! I thought he was around 2015..

Kimber: I wish we could have seen just how he DID survive. (Hopefully in the next episode) I was really shocked that he had ended up jumping two years into the future. Though it is possible with the explosion, it could have knocked him out of temporal sync. (Sorry Trek mind coming out) 2017 will be a new year to really explore and to see the plague in the beginning stages could actually help Cole bring some data to them for a cure. I really hope that they can manage to keep the tether so he has a chance to go back. It would be a huge loss if they couldn’t at least have some hope in finishing their mission. I still wonder how the plague was NOT wiped out? Could it be more than what they first imagined it to be? Also would Cole not be immune anymore?

Justin: For sure! I was completely perplexed on how he survived the airstrike to make it to 2017. I know we had seen previously how solar flares affected the time machine so I am guessing that the airstrike had a similar effect but I would have loved to see a little bit more “behind the scenes” moments of how all of that went down. I thought it was a brilliant slight of hand to have the scene with the little girl, it completely threw me off but I loved it!

We now know Jones lost her daughter to the plague. Will she actually take Spearhead’s core by force?

Carol: I think Jones WILL take the core by force because Spearhead Project won’t bring her daughter back. Only her way will. Foster, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to want to have his wife back (he DID tear that pic Katarina retrieved for him, right?) or live in the same old world for the matter. I think Foster wants to create a new world from scratch. He has an agenda.

David: I certainly hope so! The more kick ass Jones is the better. Foster’s 2033 cure isn’t enough. Jones has to go all the way back to save Hannah.

Jennifer: I think she just might! Mothers always try to protect everything dear to them! SHP will not help her get her child back!

Kimber: I have no doubt in my mind that she will. She is driven by her motherly instincts and well those are VERY much a primal thing. As a Mom it is one of those driving forces you cannot shake. I really feel for her, she is showing a vulnerability in this episode that we had never seen before. The look in her eyes as she loses the core and realizes they could lose Cole, it wasn’t just a “Oh my gosh this whole thing could be done for” it was an actual look of fear in losing Cole. I really feel like she does care about her team more than she is willing to put on or to show because she doesn’t want to open herself up to that kind of loss again. (Wow I just went into a freaking rant about Jones)

Justin: I believe she will, Jones has shown in the past that she is capable of going to great lengths to restore what was lost (I.E. the time travelers lost before Cole). I don’t foresee Foster giving up the core willingly since it may be needed for him and Project Spearhead to further their work in the future. I just love how this is setting up to be a major showdown, JONES V. FOSTER!!! (I would pay money to see that one!)


Do you think Colonel Foster was close to a vaccine for all mutations? Is it possible Jones simply dismissed his claims?

Carol: Ha! He’s nowhere near a vaccine for the present mutation. I see Foster, I see his oasis of health and wealth, no scavengers, no virus and I see the outside world he dislikes. I don’t even think he wants to save the rest of the world. I don’t know why but I see Foster and I think to myself “cleansing”. Of course I could be wrong, I mean we’re in the middle of season 1, who knows what Terry has in store for us! BTW hey Syfy, I’m looking forward to 4 seasons + 2 movies!!! part deux: Jones is a scientist. Foster is a military officer. Jones in denial? Maybe… maybe she wants to hug her daughter again so bad, but she wouldn’t be trying so hard unless she thinks it could work. In fact, it did! She DID send people back in time!!! What does Foster have? A cure for an old strain.

David: See my answer to Q2. Jones is dismissive to any cure that doesn’t save her daughter Hannah.

Jennifer: I don’t think foster was close, if the “mutations” are always changing! But you never know

Kimber: I do not feel like he has found ANY sort of answers, because he DOES NOT WANT TO find them. I feel like he is apart of the 12 monkeys, and that project splinter was his way of keeping Jones occupied chasing a pipe dream to go back in time to stop the plague. I mean look at how he destroyed his wedding photos, he obviously does not care that he lost his wife. Not to mention the look in his eyes as he found out that project splinter actually was a success. It was a look of fear, I think he might try to sabotage the program.

Justin: This is a tricky one, I do think the show is setting up some interesting moral dilemmas. Do we as humans choose to correct the past and eradicate our present or move on to help secure our future and forget about our past. I feel that if Colonel Fosters hasn’t came up with the vaccine to eradicate all mutations of the virus then he is getting really close. As far as Jones is concerned I think she is blind to any scenario other than the one that involves getting her daughter Hannah back.

Team Spearhead or Team Project Splinter? Why?

Carol: I’m Team Splinter! I’m on science’s side all the way! Science is objective, science seeks explanations and offers solutions based on facts. What Foster has, and I think he actually said it is nothing but faith. Team Spearhead???? BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

David: Team Splinter. Herr Frankenstein or Foster’s Kool aid? I’m not drinking the Kool-aid! (Maybe if it was “Foster’s Ale” I would think about it!)

Jennifer: this one was tricky but I say Splinter. Science is all on facts. Religion and “cleansing” is just nuts

Kimber: Team Project Splinter. I have come to respect Jones and her vision. Though they need to figure out HOW TO GET RID OF THE PLAGUE. A cure takes to long, the missile/bomb didn’t do it. There has got to be a way to do it in the past. I really believe in what their doing. (I really feel like this show is trying to teach us something) TRUST TIME TRAVEL!!

Justin: This one’s easy, TEAM SPLINTER ALL THE WAY! Time travel and one of my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… There is simply no other option.


So, Ramse has a son named Sam. How do you think this revelation will change him?

Carol: Ramse finding out he’s not alone in this world changes EVERYTHING for him. He has a girlfriend, he has a son, FAMILY. Normality. A clean place where to work/live in. Love. Affection. He’s already standing for Spearhead when talking to Katarina. I think Project Brainwash was a huge success. Now that Cole, his friend, is lost in time… I honestly don’t see why he’d stay with Jones’ team.

David: Definitely. Team Splinter could be in serious trouble if Ramse sides with the Spearheads in order to protect his family. He could be the fox in the hen house.

Jennifer: Well like anything, a child will change everything. I have to admit I was happy to find out

Kimber: I WAS SO VERY HAPPY FOR HIM TO FIND OUT HE HAS A SON!! Though I think this could change his outlook on the whole lets change the past thing. It could risk his son’s existence. Having a child really changes your view on EVERYTYHING IN LIFE. I really do love how he bonded with him. Such an amazing revelation this week! I wonder how their relationship will further develop.

Justin: I think this changes everything for Ramse. Earlier on in the season while podcasting we discussed whether or not Ramse could potentially be “The Witness”, after a few subsequent episodes we dismissed that notion because of how much we started liking the character of Ramse. With the revelation that Ramse has a son and his girlfriend is still alive, I am back on board with Ramse turning out to be a huge problem to Team Spinter’s mission and could turn out to be a part of the Army of the 12 Monkeys after all! Say it ain’t so Ramse, say it ain’t so!!!

Did you catch the new image in the broken glass of milk flashes? What do you make of it?

Carol: I did see something but I didn’t pay attention to it. It’s #1 on my to-do list. Tonight, first thing after dinner will be rewatching the ep, looking for that part. I’ll be back at you with the glass vision.

David: Cole might be conflating two different memories due to his traumatic events. One where he has a future 12 Monkey face off and quite possibly Cassie shoots him. Or! The whole “Blue Vision” is a traumatic childhood memory that is just starting to come together for Cole. If it is a childhood memory perhaps the shooter is his mother!

Jennifer: I didn’t realize at first what it was to be honest (was multitasking at the time) but figured it out later

Kimber: I caught it for a moment.. I’m not completely sure what it means, but I wonder if it has something to do with Jennifer? Maybe her first out burst or something? Maybe Jennifer is Jones daughter?! (uhh totally not even sure where that line of thought came from) I need to watch it a few more times to really pick out what it means. I’m just really addicted to this show.. so any excuse to put it on it is REALLY good in my book.

Justin: Cassie is Cole’s mom!!! Haha, i’m sticking to it! I said it on our 12 Monkeys podcast so it can’t be unsaid… That said, I do love the little “Easter eggs” that the show is planting throughout each episode and causing me to have a headache with all of my rampant speculation. But that is why I love the show, so bring on more headaches!

Well, that’s our Episode 8 discussion. What did you think? Check back with us next week for our Monkey Chat on Episode 9 “Tomorrow.”

Inter-dimensional Dave: It Seems Like “Yesterday”

It’s that time again ladies & germs… Here’s Inter-dimensional Dave’s clever recap and theories for 12 Monkeys Episode 8 “Yesterday.”

He’s Alive!

That’s the good news for Cole, whom, as we last saw him, was on the receiving end of a Predator Hellfire missle. The bad news is the year is 2017 and as Cole stares across the valley of death he learns the plague was not stopped.

So what went wrong? Everyone and thing should have been incinerated by the missle how could the virus possibly survive?

Follow this link to read all Dave’s theories now:

12 Monkeys S1E8 Review: Yesterday


Nowhere was Cole surviving that blast mentioned in all the theories floating around on the interwebs. I admit, I never considered it for a second.

12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 8 continued to flesh out the show’s intricate mythology, and we learned a whole lot about Jones. Who, by the way, is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on this show.

We now understand Jones’ motivation better, but how far will she go to get Cole back?

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12 Monkeys S1E7 Review: The Keys

Well it took seven episodes, but the writers finally managed to confuse the hell out of me with 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 7.

Until tonight, I was following the Back to the Future style causality loops pretty well. Now, I’m as lost as the next guy.

If Cole died in Chechnya, what comes next? Does the timeline change again at some point? Let’s start at the top.

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12 Monkeys S1E6 Review: The Red Forest


Did you think Cole would correct time so quickly? Man, these writers aren’t messing around are they? 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 6 picked up right where we left off and Cole set things right.

I love the way the writers are resolving certain mysteries while introducing brand new ones. This week, they gave us Operation TROY, Wexler and the “Striking Woman” who appears to be the Pallid Man’s superior.

I’m absolutely loving 12 Monkeys and I’m hoping more sci-fi fans jump aboard before it’s too late. Yeah, the ratings are not good.

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