Complete boxed sets released – which to choose?!

The news of two upcoming boxed set releases have come in quick succession this month.

Mill Creek Entertainment The Complete Series – 14th July 2020

The first is from Mill Creek Entertainment, and is available on both DVD and BluRay from July 14, 2020 with a $75.99 MSRP.

Pre-orders from here

It seems that the DVD and Bluray may have different artwork, based on the Amazon listings.

The Mill Creek website has some information on the releases, though no details on extras at this point, except English subtitles/closed captions have been confirmed for all seasons, which has not been available for season 3 and 4 previously. The Bluray set comes on 8 disks.

Mill Creek indicate this will be the first true High Definition release for all 4 seasons. Showrunner Terry Matalas has indicated there will also be new extras.

While the Bluray is listed as region A, past experience says most Blurays are region free – but only time will tell (at this stage)

ViaVision Ultimate Collection – 19th August 2020

The second announced box set is from ViaVision Entertainment in Australia.  This set is due for release on August 19th 2020 and will be available on Bluray only. It has a RRP of AU$149 (about US$100). This is listed as a limited release of just 1000 sets.

This set has got fans quite excited, as it will include a special feature that’s been the holy grail for many avid fans – a fold out copy of the ‘Word of the Witness’ map.

The set also comes in a hard case, includes the original Twelve Monkeys feature film,  and a ‘bonus’ disk of extras.

A word of caution – for those that care about having subtitles, there’s no word from ViaVision if these disks will include English subtitles / Closed Captions. Their previous releases for season 3 and 4 did not. If they simply use the existing Australian season 1-4 disc authoring, they are all very different in quality and inclusions.

There is (quite limited) information available on their website.  The disks will be region free, and the set includes 12 disks in total.


So which one to buy?

Personally I’ll be waiting to hear more about the features on both sets. I’m not expecting a preview copy from Via-Vision, and they’ve chosen to ignore all requests for information to date. Obviously if you want the WotW map, or the collector box, the decision is a no-brainer though. However if having season sets that are uniformly encoded, and with English subtitles available is important to you, it looks like Mill Creek will probably be the way to go.

As Terry Matalas has indicated that each set will come with different (and new) special features, if you’re a seriously committed fan you might want both!

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