The Nikita connection,tt1592154Prior to creating 12 Monkeys, co-creators Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett both worked as writers on the CW action spy series Nikita.

It seems they loved their team so much they brought a lot of them along for the 12 Monkeys ride.

Nikita alumni include:

Actors (continuing roles in Nikita)

Aaron Stanford as James Cole – played ‘Nerd’ Seymour Birkhoff

Noah Bean as Aaron Marker –  played Ryan Fletcher

Xander Berkeley as Col. Foster – played Percy

Peter Outerbridge as Elliot Jones – played Ari Tasarov

Actors (guest roles in Nikita)

Amanda Schull as Cassandra Railly – played Naomi Ceaver

Romina D’Ugo as Max – played Dina

Scottie Thompson as Mantis – played Mia

Geoff Scovell – stunt double (double for Aaron Stanford in 12 Monkeys)

In fact according to IMDB there were a total of 157 cast and crew shared across the two shows!!

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