Terry Matalas

Showrunner / Co-Creator / Executive Producer  / Writer

Terry Matalas developed the original concept script for ‘Splinter’, with frequent collaborator and co-creator Travis Fickett.

Terry Matalas moved into the role of Showrunner in Season 2 along with Fickett, when the original showrunner switched to a new show, and he assumed solo showrunner responsibility from Season 3 onwards when Fickett became a consultant to the show.

Prior to 12 Monkeys, Matalas was a writer on FOX’s “Terra Nova,” and the CW’s “Nikita” and a production associate on “Star Trek: Enterprise”, and “Star Trek: Voyager”.

Terry Matalas has written a number of the scripts for 12 Monkeys and made his directorial debut for the premiere episode of season 3 (he will direct a further 3 episodes in season 4). He is well known for being an avid fan of ‘Back to the Future’. 

Travis Fickett

Co-Creator / Executive Producer / Writer

Fickett developed the original script for ‘Splinter’ with Terry Matalas, which was later to become 12 Monkeys. He is credited as co-creator on season 1, and became an Executive Producer when Natalie Chaidez stepped down from showrunning after Season 1. In season 3 he became a consultant to the series.

Other Key Crew

Boris Mojsovski – DOP

Boris Mojsovski, the son of cinematographer Levko Mojsovski, was surrounded with film and photo cameras since birth. A Sarajevo native, Mojsovski now lives in Toronto Canada. Boris won the ASC Award…

Christopher Monfette – writer

Monfette grew up in Massachusetts as a life-long lover of genre fiction. He began his career as an entertainment journalist for mainstay geek institutions IGN and G4 and transitioned to…

David Greene – DOP

David Greene’s list of credits as a cinematographer includes feature films Redemption, Siblings, Rhinoceros Eyes, as well as television work that includes Lost Girl, Beauty and the Beast, and 12…

David Grossman – Director

David Grossman is an American film and television director. He is best known for his work on the ABC series Desperate Housewives, where he also served as co-executive producer. Grossman’s other television directing credits include Lost, Weird Science, MadTV, Buffy the…

John Mott – Production Design

John Mott is an accomplished production designer, working in the U.S., and internationally on Feature Films, Television, Commercials and Music Videos. Recent feature credits include The Sessions (Audience Award, Sundance…

Natalie Chaidez – showrunner

Executive Producer/Showrunner – Season 1 Natalie Chaidez was showrunner for 12 Monkeys premiere season after which she moved in 2015 to the executive producer/showrunner role for new Universal series “Queen…

Sean Tretta – writer

Sean Tretta is a film and television writer/producer/director best known for Syfy’s 12 Monkeys (2015 -), Hunters (2016), The Prometheus Project (2010), and Death of a Ghost Hunter (2007). Sean…


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