12 Monkeys videos

All the lists are chronological – from oldest to newest – but still careful of the spoilers!

Youtube 12 Monkeys Playlists

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Vimeo has a small number of random 12 Monkeys related videos here

Videos on the SYFY site

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All Videos but the highlights include: Webisodes | ‘Inside’ 12 Monkeys | Backstage & Interviews

Promos for Season 4

‘Weird Music’

Deacon: “Why would you walk towards the weird music?” ( Season 2 Episode 12)

All You Are Going to Want to Do is Get Back There By the Caretakers – from the Album: An Empty Bliss Beyond This World (2011)

Want to know what other music was used in 12 Monkeys? Check out what-song.com

Titan Recruitment video

(Includes minor season 4 spoilers)

Fan video by Taltos