Terry Matalas – Showrunner / Co-Creator / Executive Producer

Terry Matalas developed the original concept script for ‘Splinter’, with frequent collaborator and co-creator Travis Fickett.

Terry Matalas moved into the role of Showrunner in Season 2 along with Fickett, when the original showrunner switched to a new show, and he assumed solo showrunner responsibility from Season 3 onwards.

Prior to 12 Monkeys, Matalas was a writer on FOX’s “Terra Nova,” and the CW’s “Nikita” and a production associate on “Star Trek: Enterprise”, and “Star Trek: Voyager”.

Terry Matalas has written a number of the scripts for 12 Monkeys and directed 4 episodes, including the 2 part season finale. He is well known for being an avid fan of ‘Back to the Future’. 

He has the following writing credits listed on IMDB for 12 Monkeys:

written by – 10 episodes, 2015 – 2018
story by – 3 episodes, 2015
teleplay by – 1 episode, 2015

Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett began writing together at Emerson College in Boston and continued their partnership after moving to Los Angeles to pursue careers as screenwriters. Before developing “12 Monkeys” for television, they created graphic novels such as “Witch” for Kickstart Comics and served as writers on genre shows such as FOX’s “Terra Nova,” and more recently the CW’s “Nikita.”

Matalas has an overall deal with Universal Cable Productions to develop and produce scripted programming for the NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment portfolio, as well as for external networks and streaming services.

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