Want to hear more analysis of the shows? 12 Monkeys has inspired a whole lot of chatting in the form of podcasts, and the best of them are below.

12 Monkeys Uncaged – Golden Spiral Media (Season 1-4)

The one that has been going right from the start – is Golden Spiral Media’s 12 Monkeys Uncaged.

Hosted by Mike and Cory
12monkeyspodcast.com | www.goldenspiralmedia.com | facebook.com

The schedule for 12 Monkeys Uncaged for Season 4 included a pre-season special in the first week of June, debriefs with Showrunner Terry Matalas immediately after each Friday 3-episode binge, and a separate episode by episode review each weekend.

Read more detail here.


Talking Monkeys – Official SYFY (season 2, 4)

Another one definitely worth catching up on is SYFYs own official Talking Monkeys.

Full of exclusive interviews with the cast and crew. Hosted by Clarke Wolfe. (Season 2 and 4 only)

www.syfy.com | play.google.com | itunes.apple.com


Other Podcasts:

There are plenty of other podcasts for 12 Monkeys, both series, and one-off shows, many of them including special guests from the show.


12 Monkeys Podcast (season 1-2) / Southgate Media
Hosted by Blaire and Kyle

Splintering Back (Season 2-3) / Scene n Nerd
scenennerd.com – Season 2
one-off aftershow – Season 3
Hosted by Pete and Lauren

12 Monkeys Walking Naked (season 1) / filmdispenser
Hosted by Kelly, Justin, and Hank

Brad & Cort talk (season 2) / purefandom 

Geek Gals – Initiate Splinter Sequence (season 3 & 4)
Hosted by ChinLin and Isaac

MTR network (season 2-4)
Hosted by Hiroja and The Doctor

The Fangirl Zone Podcast: SYFY Talk – 12 Monkeys (season 2-4)
Hosted by Fangirl S and Steve



July 2018: 40 Going On 14 – ep 249 – 12 Monkeys
From a short French film, to a Terry Gilliam mind bending masterpiece to a television tour de force. We’re going to cover them all.

July 2018: Fandom Access: Special Guest Todd Stashwick from 12 Monkeys

Jan 2017: The Whatnauts: Episode 51 – 12 Monkeys (tv show)

Aug 2016: Slice of Sci-fi – 12 Monkeys: Sean Tretta Reflects on Season 2

May 2016: Scripts & Scribes Interview – Terry Matalas

May 2016: Den of Geek – Sci Fi Fidelity Podcast: Orphan Black & 12 Monkeys (Inc. IV Emily Hampshire)

April 2016: 1.21 Geekawatts ep.4 – IV Aaron Stanford

April 2016: Marvel Podcast – IV Aaron Stanford & Amanda Schull

April 2016: Comic Book Club with Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull and Terry Matalas

January 2016: 1.21 Geekawatts ep.1 – IV Todd Stashwick

July 2015: Kahnversations Podcast – Actor/Writer Todd Stashwick from 12 Monkeys

April 2015: Ozone Nightmare – Today on the 5 (short review)

March 2015: Slice of Sci-fi – 12 Monkeys: Interview with producer Travis Fickett

Feb 2015: Science Fiction Film Podcast – #046: 12 Monkeys “Pilot”
Hosted: Dean and Jessica

Jan 2015: Super Fantastic Nerd Hour! Episode 52: 12 Monkeys (TV) vs. 12 Monkeys (Film)
We review SyFy’s series premiere of 12 Monkeys! How has the story departed from Terry Gilliam’s 1995 film?

March 2014: The Writers Panel with Ben Blacker ep. 254
panel: Moira Kirland, Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett, and Douglas Petrie


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