What is Die Glocke?

What is Die Glocke?

Die Glocke (meaning The Bell) is the title of Episode 3 of Season 4 and comes from the name of a secret device rumoured to have been developed by the Nazi in WII Germany.

Die Glocke was said to be a super-weapon, but no real evidence of it exists.

From wikipedia:

Discussion of Die Glocke originated in the works of Igor Witkowski. His 2000 Polish language book Prawda o Wunderwaffe (The Truth About The Wonder Weapon, reprinted in German as Die Wahrheit über die Wunderwaffe), refers to it as

Recreation from the History Channel

“The Nazi-Bell”. Witkowski wrote that he first discovered the existence of Die Glocke by reading transcripts from an interrogation of former Nazi SS Officer Jakob Sporrenberg. According to Witkowski, he was shown the allegedly classified transcripts in August 1997 by an unnamed Polish intelligencecontact who said he had access to Polish government documents regarding Nazi secret weapons.[3] Witkowski maintains that he was only allowed to transcribe the documents and was not allowed to make any copies. Although no evidence of the veracity of Witkowski’s statements has been produced, they reached a wider audience when they were retold by British author Nick Cook, who added his own views to Witkowski’s statements in The Hunt for Zero Point.[4] Author Jason Colavito wrote that Witkowski’s claims were “recycled” from 1960s rumors of Nazi occult science first published in Morning of the Magicians, and describes Die Glocke as “a device few outside of fringe culture think actually existed. In short, it looks to be a hoax, or at least a wild exaggeration.”[5]


Some conspiracy theorists even believe it was intended to be used as a time machine.