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Some wonderful props and on screen posters

Showrunner Terry Matalas recently shared with fans on Facebook a wonderful collection of photos, drawings and graphics from the show. With his permission, I’m sharing a selection of them below. Letters from Hannah (warning...

Season 4 released on DVD and Bluray in Australia

Season 4 will be released on the 2nd January 2019 in Australia.   Further details including what extras are included are unknown, though likely to be the same as the US version. Based on...

Happy Holidays!

The Project Splinter team would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas time and a great 2019!  

New fan rewatch podcast launched

A great new rewatch podcast as just been launched.  ‘Word of the Witnesses – 12 Monkeys Podcast’ is presented by @maywegeekagain with @acapitalchick, @beepsplain and guests. This is 12 Monkeys chat and analysis by 12...

YouTube video – how to make the Witness mask

This fun video was posted by ‘Max Imagination’  on YouTube just in time for Halloween. ‘DIY – How to make the Witness Mask out of Cardboard ‘   Max says: Hey guys! In preparation...

Faulty season 4 discs

1 minute of vision was missing from the finale contained on the season 4 Bluray, due to a fault in the original file supplied to the manufacturer. This advice was given on the 5th...

Cast and timeline updates for season 4 ep 4-11

Updates to the searchable timeline for all the key events/places/dates appearing in episode 4-11 Interactive timeline list   We’ve also added details of the new cast members appearing in season 4  

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