‘The Best Series Finale Since Breaking Bad’! High praise for ‘The Beginning’.

The reviews are in for the grand finale of 12 Monkeys, and it’s not just the viewers who were blown away by the final instalment of 12 Monkeys.  Here is just some of the high praise from reviewers (warning, mild spoilers)

The Best Series Finale Since ‘Breaking Bad’ – forbes.com

12 Monkeys achieved the seemingly impossible in its final season by answering every question, completing each loop and, most importantly, rewarding not only the intellectual but also the substantial emotional investment of its audience. – ign.com

Not Just the Best Time-Travel Show, But One of the Best Shows Ever –medium.com

12 Monkeys, one of TV’s weirdest shows, ends with a delightfully meta series finale –vox.com

In Its Final Season, the Syfy Drama Is a Reminder That Sometimes Television Should Just Be Fun –indiewire.com

The 12 Monkeys series finale is one of the most satisfyingly complete episodes ever to grace the small screen, not only because it plays like a feature film but also because it brings characters and their arcs full circle almost as though we were reading a carefully crafted novel rather than watching a television series… – denofgeek.com

Under [Terry Matalas’] guidance, this 12 Monkeys became a soulful cliffhanger opera – ew.com

As far as series finales come, I can’t imagine a more satisfying ending to 12 Monkeys as the show answers all the questions we’ve had since season one and brings a brilliant end to one of the best science-fiction shows ever to have graced the small screen. – theworkprint.com

You can read all the reviews, plus more in the catalogue of press articles, reviews and interviews we’ve now compiled and added to the site for the full 4 year run of 12 Monkeys.

Like all our other lists, you can search and filter to your hearts content eg. interviews by a particular actor, or reviews per season.


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