New updates to the site

We just added some new image galleries to the site: Publicity posters and a Behind the Scenes gallery. If you’re from Australia or Canada you can also count down to your own  season launch now with your own dedicated countdown timers on the right hand sidebar 🙂 We have more on the way, including some new additions to Moments Easiy Missed. Stay tuned… And finally a reminder, that we welcome new contributors to the site. Just drop us a line.

12 Monkeys Uncaged Podcast schedule announced

Mike Ahr from Golden Spiral Media has announced the schedule for the 12 Monkeys Uncaged season 4 podcasts on his Facebook Group – and it’s sure to keep any 12 Monkeys super fan satisfied: we will be doing a pre-season show in the first week of June (featuring commentary from Terry Matalas himself) followed by weekly podcasts every weekend to allow all of you to contribute feedback episode by episode to stretch out your enjoyment of the final season of our favorite show. HOWEVER, Terry has also graciously agreed to join us for a series of “Talking Monkeys” style debriefs after each batch of episodes for those who don’t feel like waiting for discussion. So you’ll have a Matalas special…

Interview with Season 4 Science Advisor

Science v Hollywood has posted an interview with Sophie Nasr, science advisor on season 4 of 12 Monkeys. Science fiction is awesome – we love it. But we want it to be based on science. It’s also really cool that writers care about the science. That tells me something about the changes that are happening. It tells me that the TV industry cares about science and that is a big deal. That tells me we are moving in the right direction where people are starting to see science is important. Read the full article here:

Catch up with all three seasons on Hulu

Are you ready for season 4 of 12 Monkeys? If you’d like to refresh your memory about what happened in the previous three seasons, you can now stream them on Hulu, where season 3 was added just yesterday. Catch the episodes on Hulu’s website or their many other ways of accessing their services. And as a reminder, here’s the official season 4 teaser trailer for you:

First Look Review – Season 3 Blu-Ray

A copy of the Via-Vision Australian release Blu-ray set for Season 3 arrived in the mail today, so below is a first-look using my PS4 Blu-ray player: The Packaging The set comes in a 2 disk case, with a very dark printed sleeve featuring the season 3 poster art. The quality of the printing and layout is not great  – rather murky and lacking definition or contrast, and a strange choice of serif font for ‘Season 3’ which doesn’t match the last 2 releases. There are no other inserts, but the inside of the cover has details of other releases from the via-vision catalogue. The back cover features 4 publicity stills (including some spoilers) and a brief blurb about the…

New site updates including season 4 gallery

These last few weeks have been action packed, with huge excitement about the season 4 release date announcement. We’ve also been busy, and this month the site has has had a full makeover and extra pages added including: Season 4 photo gallery Publicity stills released so far for Season 4 Series timeline list Comprehensive Searchable Timeline for seasons 1-3 Show location list and interactive map Comprehensive details of all the in-show locations and series filming locations including an interactive map Update on Season 3 Blu-Ray/DVD    

Official SYFY Season 4 press release detail

Four-Season Arc to End with Four-Week Finale Event, On Fridays Beginning June 15 (Press Release) NEW YORK, NY – May 7, 2018 — SYFY today announced the premiere date for the fourth and previously announced final season of the acclaimed original series 12 MONKEYS. Beginning Friday, June 15 starting at 8/7c, the 11-episode season will air over the course of four weeks, with three episodes each Friday from 8-11 PM ET/PT for the first three weeks, leading up to a two-part finale on Friday, July 6 from 9-11 PM ET/PT. Originally envisioned as a four-part story, in Season 4 James Cole and Dr. Cassandra Railly set out on an epic quest, traveling further back in time than they have ever…

Season 4 premiere date announced!

It’s official – on the 15th June SyFy will begin screening the 4th season of 12 Monkeys, in a semi-binge format over 4 weeks. The show will screen from 8pm to 11pm on Friday for 3 weeks, and the final 2 episodes on the 6th July. That’s right – that’s 11 episodes, not 10! On they’ve revealed more details about the event, and offered some great new pictures from season 4. 12 Monkeys sets final season 4 date A new trailer has also been posted on youtube. Check it out:

Season 3 coming to Hulu

American fans rejoice! Season 3 of 12 Monkeys is finally coming to the Hulu streaming service. lists the 3rd season coming online from 16th May for US viewers.   For other countries, you can check where you catch stream or download with the finder service.    May will be a good month all around, as you’ll also be able to buy the Season on DVD and Blu-Ray on the 26th.

Amazing special effects by Folks VFX

We’re about to do some renovations on the site, in preparation for the big season 4. That means crawling through a lot of media to create some new cool portals into videos, photos and other resources available throughout the web. While doing that I came back across this mind blowing youtube clip showing off the digital special effects wizardry carried out in Season 3.     It’s accompanied by an article from From AREA where Sebastien Bergeron, Founder and VFX Supervisor at Folks VFX, offers 12 facts about Syfy series, 12 Monkeys. Read the story:

Season 3 Blu-Ray release

A release of season 3 of 12 Monkeys on blu-ray and DVD at last! Australian home entertainment company Via-Vision Entertainment have announced through Twitter that they will be releasing a Blu-ray set on the 23rd of May this year. Season 3 announcement on twitter ‘ UPDATE – 10 May The technical specifications of the disk are: 1080P 16:9 Dolby True HD Surround 5.1 7 hours 20 min running time no special features or subtitles DVD – PAL   Check the how to watch page for all your other viewing options.    

12 Monkeys Timeline Spreadsheet

*update*  May 2018 – projectsplinter has now incorporated the google docs sheets into our site! You can see the timeline here as well as the locations list and map. Just recently, I was made aware of a wonderful new resource to track all the jumps and events throughout the show that I want to share with you. Fans on Reddit have put together the most comprehensive timeline spreadsheet on Google Docs that you could wish for. In addition, there’s also a visual timeline on Tiki-Toki, and a whole lot of more information on the Word of the Witness LiveJournal blog. My hat is off to those guys putting all of that together. Thanks to Caitlin for making me aware of this!

12 Monkeys DOP wins award for ‘Thief’

12 Monkeys cinematographer Boris Mojsovski has won a prestigious American Society of Cinematographers award for his work on season 3 episode ‘Thief’. SyFy reports: The 32nd American Society of Cinematographers Awards, which celebrate outstanding work in film and television, were held in Hollywood on February 17th and we’re happy to say that the ASC recognized what we’ve known all along. 12 Monkeys is a badass and beautiful show! Not one, but two episodes of 12 Monkeys were recognized for outstanding cinematography under the category of “Episode of a Series for Commercial Television”. Congratulations to David Greene on his nomination for Season 3 Episode 1 “Mother”, and Boris Mojsovski on winning the category for Season 3 Episode 9 “Thief”!!! 32nd ASC Awards – Boris Mojsovski, CSC from American…

Conleth Hill to guest star in season 4

Entertainment Weekly has announced that Game of Thrones star Conleth Hill is booked to guest star for a two-episode arc on 12 Monkeys‘ season 4. Hill will play Bonham, a world weary international law enforcement agent facing the last days of mankind. His ancestors — by virtue of time-travel — were given a relic of incredible importance. As a world-ending pandemic spreads across the globe, leaving billions dead in its wake, Bonham has come to doubt the item’s truth. His sense of duty out-paces his hope — and in the end, both will be tested. “I’m a huge fan and have been trying to get Conleth on the show for years, and thrilled the timing finally worked out,” executive producer Terry Matalas tells…

Site Update

The site’s been offline for a while, and it’s been moved to a new home, though keeping its old URL. Please bear with me while I get the salvageable content back up on the site. Apologies for any inconvenience during the transition. I also don’t have enough time to keep up with all things fandom these days, so if anyone is well-versed in WordPress (or willing to learn) and would like to help out with, please let me know.

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