Talking Monkeys Official Podcast returns for season 4!

They kept it under wraps, but news that SYFY are bringing back the official Talking Monkeys podcast for season 4 has just been revealed. The first of the shows will appear on iTunes tonight after the first 3 episodes air.

When asked about Talking Monkeys showrunner Terry Matalas said today:

Yep, Talking Monkeys is back. Uncaged is thorough and recaps everything with me. Talking Monkeys features others like some writers, our composer and the occasional actor. Both different. Both worth your time. Please promote them both!

So, catch them both tonight! (or tomorrow if you want some sleep)

Talking Monkeys

Season 4 Episode 1-3: Join 12 Monkeys showrunner Terry Matalas, alongside writer/producer Sean Tretta, writer Christopher Monfette, composer Steve Bond, writers assistant Casey Botta and hosts Merrill Barr and Amy Marie Hypnarowskie as they break down everything about Season 4’s first three episodes: “The End,” “Ouroboros” and “45 RPM.”

12 Monkeys Uncaged

Season 4 Episode 1-3: Terry Matalas joins Mike for this first night of discussion, and the 12 Monkeys showrunner has plenty to share about this opening run of episodes. We speculate on the nature of the Seers, Jones’ new approach to the mission, Deacon’s not-so-surprising duplicity, Cassie’s one last attempt to take out the Witness, and how revisiting the first splinter changes how we see the overall series.



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