12 Monkeys Podcast S1E10 Instant Reaction!


Welcome back to the 12 Monkeys Podcast! A podcast devoted to Syfy’s new show 12 Monkeys, a re-imagining of Terry Gilliam’s amazing movie Twelve Monkeys! Syfy’s 12 Monkeys stars Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull.

Each and every week your hosts, Kelli, Justin and Hank from TVFanatic.com will break down SyFy’s new show, 12 Monkeys. We will be discussing our thoughts on each episode as well as giving you our theories and predictions on what we think will happen next over the course of the show’s 13 episodes!

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  1. Fascinating discussion. I had a ton of thoughts.

    First, Hank, move closer to the mike, you sound like you’re off in the corner

    1. I love the Walking Naked Podcast so much!
      I don’t think either, that Ramse is the Pallid Man.
      Yeah, I see Cole’s resolution to kill Ramse if need be connected to him killing Max. I mean she was his lover. Of course he wants revenge for her death.
      I’m not sure about Cole being the Witness. It could be. But I don’t see the leaves turning red as a result that can only happen when Cole splinters. I think Kelli has a point here. Time travel in general could leave a residue. If it hurts Cassie, I don’t know.
      Yes, I want to know too how they plan the duration of Cole’s jumps.

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