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Season 3 added to Aussie Netflix – roundup internationally

Australian Netflix  just added season 3 of 12 Monkeys. The roundup of known season 3 streaming options internationally is now: Netflix: Australia, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Ireland HBO: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland IFlix: Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia Amazon Prime: Canada HULU: USA   You...

Catch up with all three seasons on Hulu

Are you ready for season 4 of 12 Monkeys? If you’d like to refresh your memory about what happened in the previous three seasons, you can now stream them on Hulu, where season 3...

First Look Review – Season 3 Blu-Ray

A copy of the Via-Vision Australian release Blu-ray set for Season 3 arrived in the mail today, so below is a first-look using my PS4 Blu-ray player: The Packaging The set comes in a...

‘Ways To Watch’ page added

This page will give you the low down on how to get your 12 Monkeys fix – through streaming, digital download or DVD!   How to watch

Ways to watch

All the details on viewing live, streaming, Blu-ray, download and soundtrack options.

Season 3 coming to Hulu

American fans rejoice! Season 3 of 12 Monkeys is finally coming to the Hulu streaming service.   EW.com lists the 3rd season coming online from 16th May for US viewers. http://ew.com/tv/2018/04/16/hulu-may-new-shows-movies/   For other...

Amazing special effects by Folks VFX

We’re about to do some renovations on the site, in preparation for the big season 4. That means crawling through a lot of media to create some new cool portals into videos, photos and...

Season 3 Blu-Ray release

A release of season 3 of 12 Monkeys on blu-ray and DVD at last! Australian home entertainment company Via-Vision Entertainment have announced through Twitter that they will be releasing a Blu-ray set on the...

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