Show transcripts

12 Monkeys has a twisty plot, and sometimes you just need to check exactly what someone said to get the story straight…

We don’t host transcripts of 12 Monkeys episodes, but you can find them at this site: **

**Note that these are copies of closed caption files – and are sometimes WRONG so believe your ears first. Eg. S4E10 – the line “Who are you two?” should actually read “But you two…”  The incorrect caption caused a lot of confusion for the audience!

Cole: One for seven billion? That math works for me.

Transcripts of the deleted scenes available on the Season 1 & 2 DVDs are here:
Season 1 deleted scenes transcript
(includes deleted scenes from 1×01, 1×02, 1×05 and 1×08)
Season 2 deleted scenes transcript
Includes deleted scenes from 2×01, 2×02, 2×03, 2×05, 2×10, 2×11 and 2×13)

Ramse: I want you to have fun back there this time, okay? I want you to get laid. Find some vintage.
Cole: Vintage?
Ramse: Yes.
Cole: What was your mom’s name again? Roberta, right?
Ramse: See, that is some cold shit right there.
Cole: Briar Street, Philly.
Ramse: You’re not being nice to me.
Cole: She was pretty, right?
Ramse: Let me ask you – are you my father?

Jones: If our timeline is reset, poof!
Max: And we’re all just erased?
Jones: This version of ourselves will cease to exist and our mission will be over.
Ramse: Ohhhhh, gawd, she said “mission.”
Cole: Drink!
Jones: What?
Ramse: She said “mission.” Another shot.
Jones: I don’t understand. Do I say that a lot?