12 Monkeys Filming Locations 2

12 Monkeys was filmed in and around Toronto Canada, including Cinespace Studios, except for the pilot filmed in Detroit. Additional location filming occurred in the Dominican Republic and Macedonia in 2014 (Season 1), Budapest in 2015 (Season 2), and Prague in 2017 (Season 3 & 4).

These filming location details were collated through original research by Reddit users llamazing and wanderingnettle. For a more extensive list and more detail see the 12 Monkeys locations list or if you’re super keen, the original timeline & locations Google sheet.

Oh-Oh! GOOGLE MAPS did an UPDATE today – can’t see the maps below? Try REFRESHING on the tab that isn’t displaying. While we’re sorting it out, you can also still view all the locations on the locations list 

Tips on navigation:

To see the filming locations up close, zoom the google map to maximum, then click on the location you want to see. Depending on your platform you will get a closeup birds eye view, or a 3D view, and can rotate the map and any other features you would normally have in GoogleMaps.

You can drag the StreetView icon to the nearest street to see the location from street level as well. In some cases you can even ‘look inside‘ if there is a blue marker in streetview. (If switch into real Google Maps and you can even go back in time – handy for locations that have been demolished!).

To see more of the map you can minimise the locations panel, as well as close the location detail popover if it is covering the building you want to see.