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12 Monkeys Theme Week Master Post


Thanks to everyone who followed and participated in the ’12 Monkeys Theme Week’ this week. We’ve had a wonderful collection of fanart and fan fiction posted from a great number of creative and dedicated 12 Monkeys fans.

You can now find the full master list with all the entries on Danyi’s Tumblr (was – link broken). Check it out to make sure you didn’t miss anything!

12 Monkeys Theme Week starts today!

Hold on to your hats, 12 Monkeys Theme Week starts today! For the next five days, fans are encouraged to post fanvids, fanart, fan fictions and all sorts of other shenanigans as per the daily prompts given by insanityofdanyi.

You can post your entries either on Tumblr with the tag ’12 Monkeys Theme Week’ or on Twitter with the hashtag #12MonkeysThemeWeek. We’ll keep you updated on where to find a master list for all the entries and are looking forward to what your creative monkey brains will cook up!

12 Monkeys-themed movie posters

We have so many creative fans that it’s a pleasure to show you more of the wonderful 12 Monkeys-themed fanart that’s being created. Take a look at the film poster mockups Carl (a.k.a. @MyVogonPoetry) has been designing:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Two 12 Monkeys Banners

Hey ho, your new editor TeeJay here with two banners for those who would like to advertise the show on Twitter, Facebook or other platforms.  Feel free to use them however you see fit, but it would be lovely if you could credit me. (@aka_TeeJay on Twitter)


12 Monkeys Poster & Wallpaper

Check out this gorgeous 12 Monkeys poster and wallpaper by Tina! Isn’t the #12MonkeysArmy a talented bunch?

Poster fun with #12Monkeys

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#Renew12Monkeys Fan Art

Help lead the #12MonkeysArmy in an effort to #Renew12Monkeys Fridays 9/8c on Syfy – Art by @MyVogonPoetry

Get Your #TwitterParadox Fan Art!

Get Your #TwitterParadox Fan Art and Live-Tweet with us Friday night at 9/8c!

Get Your 12 Monkeys Trading Cards!

Collect all of @MyVogonPoetry‘s 12 Monkeys trading cards and share them with your friends online!

Help spread the word about the show via social media by posting these cool cards.

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