Moments Easily Missed: The Rewatch Edition – Cole and Cassie Reunited

Today we’re taking a closer look at 3×04 “Brothers”, and the moment Cole and Cassie are finally reunited.

Every single Cole and Cassie fan spent the beginning of season three counting down until the moment they were finally reunited in 2043. When it finally happened though, at the end of “Brothers”, it was like so many moments in 12 Monkeys, tempered with grief.

Having just killed the man who was not only his brother but also his conscience, Cole was emotionally exhausted. He’d also just come face to face with an earlier version of Cassie, issuing an emotional plea with her to return to him because he didn’t think he could complete the mission alone. When Cassie finally splinters back to 2043 after escaping Titan, and they reunite, she tells him that she has come home. The pair embrace. Having learned that he and Cassie are parents of The Witness, however, makes their reunion bittersweet, at least from Cole’s perspective. Unable to ask outright, the two of them have an intense exchange solely with their eyes. It is a truly beautiful moment.

In a single look, both Amanda Schull and Aaron Stanford manage to capture the pain that symbolises the loss of their lives in 1957, the horror and fear over their shared realization their son will be The Witness, as well as relief that they are no longer alone but can face the uncertain future together. As horrified as Cole is in learning that he is the father of enemy he has been hunting all this time, Cassie really pulls at the heart strings here as she tries to convey all her pain and loss without breaking down.

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