Official SYFY Season 4 press release detail

Four-Season Arc to End with Four-Week Finale Event, On Fridays Beginning June 15

(Press Release) NEW YORK, NY – May 7, 2018 — SYFY today announced the premiere date for the fourth and previously announced final season of the acclaimed original series 12 MONKEYS. Beginning Friday, June 15 starting at 8/7c, the 11-episode season will air over the course of four weeks, with three episodes each Friday from 8-11 PM ET/PT for the first three weeks, leading up to a two-part finale on Friday, July 6 from 9-11 PM ET/PT.

Originally envisioned as a four-part story, in Season 4 James Cole and Dr. Cassandra Railly set out on an epic quest, traveling further back in time than they have ever been before. According to legend, their only hope lies with a weapon capable of stopping the Witness for good. But they’ll soon discover that in order to win the final battle and save time itself, they will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Produced by Universal Cable Productions in association with Atlas Entertainment, the beloved drama, developed by showrunner Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett (“Nikita”), is based on the 1995 Golden Globe® -winning film of the same name. 12 MONKEYS follows the journey of James Cole (Aaron Stanford), a man sent back in time to eradicate the source of a deadly plague, and his partner, brilliant virologist Dr. Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull). While attempting to untangle an insidious conspiracy that’s been spun throughout centuries, the duo embark on a desperate search across time to find the man responsible for the apocalypse – a time traveler who calls himself the Witness. Killing the Witness will save the world, but the journey will come at tremendous personal stakes for the pair. 12 MONKEYS also stars Emily Hampshire (Jennifer Goines), Barbara Sukowa (Katarina Jones) and Todd Stashwick (Deacon).

Matalas will direct three episodes in Season 4 after making his directorial debut in the third season. Original film producer Charles Roven (“Wonder Woman,” “American Hustle,” “The Dark Knight Trilogy”) and Richard Suckle (“Wonder Woman,” “American Hustle”) of Atlas Entertainment, as well as David Grossman (“Desperate Housewives,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), serve as executive producers.

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