Andrew Gillies as Dr. Julian Adler

The character of Adler is one of the key scientists on the splinter project. He, like Jones, has lost a child to the plague, and his loyalty will be challenged as the project fails to achieve its goals.

Andrew Gillies is known for his work on Orphan Black (2013) and 12 Monkeys (2015).

British born, acclaimed Canadian stage and film actor Andrew Gillies is a 14 season star of the Shaw Festival in Ontario and two seasons at the Stratford Festival. After studying theatre at Simon Fraser University in B.C., he joined the company at the Vancouver Playhouse as a leading member of the ensemble under the direction of Christopher Newton. After a regular role in the Alliance/Atlantis series The Associates, Andrew held a recurring guest-star spot on the science fiction series Mutant X, and starred in the Warner Bros. TV Series Code Name Eternity, as the arch villain Banning. Recent features films include Sophie Coppola’s Virgin Suicides and Virtual Mom. TV guest appearances include “Nikita”, “Twice In A Lifetime” and the new soap “Paradise Falls” (Breakthrough Film & TV Inc.)

biography from: mutantxarchive


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