Tom Noonan as The Pallid Man

Noonan plays The Pallid Man, referred to within the show as The Tall Man, who is a senior member of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. He is the son of Mantis and Zalmon Shaw, and brother to Olivia.

Tom Noonan was a part of the Gotham and Independent Spirit Award-winning ensemble of the Charlie Kaufman film Synecdoche, New York, but is best known for his work in features such as Manhunter and Robocop 2. He memorably guest starred in the first season of NBC’s breakout hit The Blacklist, as well as HBO’s The Leftovers. Noonan also appeared on television in Louie and FX’s Damages – where he had a recurring role for several seasons. Tom Noonan was also a series regular on AMC’s acclaimed Hell on Wheels. He’s also made appearances in Anomalisa by Charlie Kaufman, Late Phases, and The Shape of Something Squashed – which premiered as a play at the Paradise Factory in New York City.

As a writer/director, Tom Noonan’s first film What Happened Was… won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Best Dramatic Feature Film and the Sundance Waldo Salt Award for Best Screenplay. The picture was also nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards. His second film, The Wife, was named “one of the Ten Best Films of 1996” by the San Francisco Chronicle and “one of the Ten Best Films of the Decade” (1990-2000) by Art Forum Magazine.

Since 1985, Noonan has worked extensively with his Paradise Factory theatre ensemble in NYC, where his work as a playwright won him the Obie Award in 1995 for his play Wifey. Winner of the 1998 Guggenheim Fellowship in Filmmaking, Noonan has been a Film professor at Yale University (where he is also an alumnus), Columbia University, the School of Visual Arts and New York University.


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