12 Monkeys DOP wins award for ‘Thief’

12 Monkeys cinematographer Boris Mojsovski has won a prestigious American Society of Cinematographers award for his work on season 3 episode ‘Thief’.

SyFy reports:

The 32nd American Society of Cinematographers Awards, which celebrate outstanding work in film and television, were held in Hollywood on February 17th and we’re happy to say that the ASC recognized what we’ve known all along. 12 Monkeys is a badass and beautiful show! Not one, but two episodes of 12 Monkeys were recognized for outstanding cinematography under the category of “Episode of a Series for Commercial Television”. Congratulations to David Greene on his nomination for Season 3 Episode 1 “Mother”, and Boris Mojsovski on winning the category for Season 3 Episode 9 “Thief”!!!


32nd ASC Awards – Boris Mojsovski, CSC from American Cinematographer on Vimeo.

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