Moments Easily Missed – Blood and Tears

Today we’re taking a closer look at the second episode, and the scene where Jennifer has Cole in her throes. He tries to pry information about the Night Room out of her, and she’s all over the place, but she does tell him things.

And even though she seems loopy and just completely wacko at times, she’s actually not quite that messed up when you play close attention. Under all that lunatic exterior is still a human being with real emotions.

Take a look at Jennifer when she talks to Cole about the murders in her father’s secret lab. She actually cries, and I don’t think that’s just her faking it.

1x02 Jennifer Tears

There’s something else that’s interesting about this scene. Because if you shift your attention from Jennifer to Cole, there’s an inverse power play here between the psychological and the physical side.

Physically, it’s Jennifer who has the upper hand. She’s on top of Cole with a scalpel in her hand, while he is tied to the bed with no chance to escape or defend himself.

Psychologically, Cole is in complete control of the whole situation. He is assertive, and not at all intimidated by Jennifer. He controls the conversation and, in a way, her actions and reactions.

It’s like he knows she’s not a threat to him, and feels at ease with that knowledge to effortlessly navigate around all her mental issues. It’s pretty amazing, actually.

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