Moments Easily Missed – See You Soon

Today we’re taking a closer look at one of the recurring themes across a number of episodes.

You may have noticed this as well, but Cassie and Cole seldom really say goodbye, they usually say, “See you soon.” It has become a farewell greeting of sorts for Cole, to the point where variations of it become distinctly recognizable.

Featured above is the scene where Cassie says it in frustration, or the powerful scene where she dies in Cole’s arms in 2017. Not featured but equally important is the scene where Cassie says, “Goodbye,” to him before he’s leaving to splinter to Chechnya. And of course one of the last scenes in the season finale, where Cole sends Cassie off to 2043 in a desperate attempt to save her life.

These two—it’s so complicated with them, and the See You Soon notably reflects that.  Is it love? Quite possibly. (Don’t throw pillows, Casserolers, okay? I’m totally pro Cassie/Cole!) But it’s not that simple. And that’s maybe a whole other topic for a whole other Moments Easily Missed entry. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses

  1. Maria Foss says:

    Thank you for not just rolling over and submitting on the “is it love” question. Of COURSE there is a meaningful relationship developing between the two. But once you put a label on it you’ve put boundaries and limitations on it, and I for one want to see how far and wide Cassie/Cole can grow and evolve their connection. I am expecting the trip to be fascinating, frustrating, frightening, soulful and ultimately, satisfying.

    • TeeJay says:

      Yes, I absolutely agree with you there. Of course it’s hard to say what exactly “love” really is. I think there’s no doubt that, if the time travel was out of the equation and they had met under more normal circumstances, they’d be in a relationship already. Or at least they’d give it a shot. But as it stands, they’re both reluctant, because, really? Where would this lead if Cole keeps jumping through time which might eventually kill him? Or he’d just cease to exist, at least in Cassie’s timeline.

      It’s ultimately the struggle of emotion versus rational thinking, and I’m sure that the show will keep toying with the theme. I’m glad that they didn’t take the easy route and just had them snogging the first time they had the chance. It reminds me a little of Matt & Claire’s relationship on Marvel’s Daredevil. It’s a good thing that these days, TV characters are given a choice to say no. Or at least “not yet”.

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