12 Monkeys: Fans Pick Fave Episodes (Vote Now!)

12 Monkeys - Pilot

A quick little Facebook poll revealed the 12 Monkeys Pilot is still the fan favorite episode. Here’s how the results stacked up (please feel free to cast your vote below)…

#1. Pilot (Splinter)
#2. The Night Room
#3. The Keys
#4. Yesterday
#5. Mentally Divergent
#6. Atari
#7. Cassandra Complex
#8. The Red Forest

Why did fans pick certain episodes? Read on!

Hank Otero – I love them all, but if I had to pick just one it would be… The Night Room. For me, this was the first episode that paid off big time. We had been hearing about this mysterious lab since episode 2 and seeing it was fantastic. The Jennifer flashback was brilliant and I loved her line “complete with evening stars.” I’m a huge fan on Emily’s, so whenever she pops up it’s a thrill for me. The revelation of the “Origin” and hint that it might be Cole blew my mind. Then watching everything go toasty when the Big Burn hit; wowza. Yeah, The Night Room’s not only one of my faves, but I loved the way it set up The Red Forest.

Elizabeth Gesin – I always like the beginning of a story and with a pilot, the acting and plot/action has to be good enough to get the audience hooked and invested. 12 Monkeys was able to do that.

Cassandra Ingram – I think so far my favorite episode was 1×08 Yesterday. Both Ramse and Whitley are my favorite characters, and I really liked to see how they interacted with each other. I love seeing the bits of 2043 and that we got to see a little bit what it’s like for others outside of the temporal facility. And obviously I loved the hints of backstory, with meeting Whitleys dad and meeting Elena (who finally gives Ramse a first name!). Plus it just makes me super pumped for the next episode on trying to take supplies from Colonel Foster is going to go. All the episodes have been great but “Yesterday” was just absolutely stellar.

David Healey – [The Night Room] It’s where all my wacky theories originated.

John Joseph Gabriel Munoz – Hell Yea I agree to all especially Hank Otero the night room was my personal fav next to red forest they just were epic!

Chris Stephens – I am going to have to go with Mentally Divergent. Mostly because this was a tricky part for the series to pull off the Goines factor. I really was skeptical going into the episode… Brad Pitt pulled of a perfect crazy ass and I expected to be let down. The twist of making it a female, keeping the name “schema” really pleased me. Then the real treat of the episode. Emily Hampshire f**king nailed it! I mean blew my mind, awesome performance!

JC Watcher – I’m going to like the one about 1987. For now… Night Room.

Kylo Ren – I really really liked this previous episode [The Keys]. I feel like the producers are allowing to explore into other forms of scientific treatment in the universe.

Natalia Quique – Done. Like Cole said “It’s The Keys!” LOL

Justin Gregory – I went with Mentally Divergent. This one was such a great nod to the film and the introduction of Emily Hampshire’s character of Jennifer Goines was phenomenal. I was extremely skeptical of someone taking on the role that Brad Pitt killed in the film and I was floored by how much I loved the Jennifer Goines character almost instantly. Plus this was the episode where we starred to go down the rabbit hold of conspiracies and theories with how the Pallid Man knew Cole yet Cole had no clue who he was. Timey wimey & crazy Jennifer Goines. Can’t get much better than that!

Kelli O’Neil – My favorite episode was ‘Yesterday’. I loved the introduction of the Spearhead group and finding Ramse’s son and sweetie. I’m super curious to see if he will want to continue with Project Splinter, now that if Cole were to succeed it would (in theory) erase Sam.

Now it’s your turn… vote for your favorite episode, then tell us why it’s your fave in the comments below.

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4 Responses

  1. BlueStar says:

    The Keys and Splinter are my favorites.

  2. GfromB says:

    Splinter and after that Atari. I got to meet Cole for the first time in Splinter. I fell in love with the show and characters. That feeling is the best of all to know it’s the start of something big. Atari because we got to see more of 2043 and Cole’s and Ramse’s wonderful friendship which feels so bittersweet after Tomorrow.

  3. Warriorcat666 . says:

    Splinter, Atari and The Keys. Ugh I love this show…

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