Season 2 Press Coverage

With the season premiere less than two weeks ahead, the press for the show is ramping up, and here’s a few links that you might have missed that have a few interesting tidbits. Video interview with Amanda Schull and Todd Stashwick from NBC Universal Summer Press Day #1 Video interview with Amanda Schull and Todd Stashwick from NBC Universal Summer Press Day #2 Video interview with Emily Hampshire and Aaron Stanford from NBC Universal Summer Press Day Season 2 preview Hollywood Reporter article on Season 2 16 Things to Know about Season 2 The Geekiary on the early Season 2 Premiere Release IGN article and cast interviews Last but not least, anyone planning to go to the 12…

“12 Monkeys” Season 2 Premiere now available

With the April 18 season 2 premiere on Syfy Channel coming closer, it was recently announced that Syfy was going to make the first episode of the season available online two weeks prior to it airing on its actual network. If you want to catch episode 2×01 already, you can do so right now on the Syfy website, via the Syfy Now app, on demand, or on Hulu (the latter of which now also has season 1 available for streaming). The rest of the season will air regularly on Syfy Channel — starting April 18, and then every Monday at 9/8c. The official Syfy website is worth visiting for more in-depth material, such as new webisodes, cast interviews, ComicCon panel…

12 Monkeys: First Look At Season 2

The first footage from 12 Monkeys Season 2 was unveiled today at New York Comic-Con, and it’s absolutely brilliant! During the show’s panel, cast and crew revealed minor spoilers about the upcoming season. Showrunner Terry Matalas confirmed that we’ll be visiting not only the 40s, but the 50s, 60s, 70s and possibly new future settings as well. Terry also informed the crowd that we’ll learn what the Red Forest is and that there’s a bigger threat than the plague. Remember the mysterious “Witness”? Well, we should have a better idea who he is by the end of Season 2. Yes, Cassie will be time traveling alongside Cole this season and living in 2043 has changed her. Cole and Ramse are…

12 Monkeys Appreciation Week Update

We have an update on the 12 Monkeys Appreciation Week, and which hashtag to use. Please see below from splinterboy:

12 MONKEYS APPRECIATION WEEK – 19th – 25th October 2015

it’s still like a month to go but here’s what’s happening.

  • No pressure to take part, of course.
  • No pressure to edit anything.
  • You don’t have to post something for every day and you can, I guess, make more than one post a day if you want!

The hashtag will be #adozenprimates (all one word, even on tumblr!). You can post on tumblr, twitter, and/or instagram even; just be sure to use the hashtag.

12 Monkeys Appreciation Week

Anyone remember 12 Monkeys Theme Week in April? As per, it looks like we’re doing it again. Yay! Starting Oct 19th, there’s going to be a week of fandom madness for all the artists and writers out there. Post whatever inspires you for the theme on the day, can be anything from fanart, fanfic, fanvids, etc. Stay tuned for the hashtag you’re supposed to use, we’ll update you when that’s decided.  

12 Monkeys at San Diego Comic Con 2015

If you’re a 12 Monkeys fan and are planning to go to this year’s San Diego Comic Con, you now have one more reason to rejoyce: The Syfy 2015 SDCC line-up includes a 12 Monkeys panel that has the show’s creators and most of the main cast in attendance, as you can see below: 12 Monkeys Panel: 12:00pm – 1:00pm | Indigo Ballroom, Hilton Bayfront Hotel Join executive producers Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett, and stars Aaron Stanford (James Cole), Amanda Schull (Dr. Cassandra Railly), Kirk Acevedo (Ramse), Barbara Sukowa (Jones), Emily Hampshire (Jennifer Goines) and Todd Stashwick (Deacon) of Syfy’s critically-acclaimed series as they dissect the mysteries of the first season and hint at the twists and turns coming in Season 2….

New Season 2 Writers Announced

Co-creator/showrunner Terry Matalas announced a couple of new additions to the Season 2 writing team via Twitter! Everyone, please welcome Michael Sussman and Kristen Reidel to the 12 Monkeys family. (And follow them on Twitter) Please welcome @_MichaelSussman and @kristenreidel to #12Monkeys Season Two! Brilliant writers. We are thrilled! — Terry Matalas (@TerryMatalas) April 4, 2015

’12 Monkeys Theme Week’ coming up

Calling all creative 12 Monkeys fans out there — @SinEater_Danyi had the great idea to celebrate the upcoming season 1 finale week with the 12 Monkeys Theme Week, where we’re encouraging everyone to contribute to a daily theme with fanart, fanvids, fan fictions, memes, or whatever else you’re inspired to create. We hope to see many fans joining in, and by no means is it mandatory to submit something every day. Whatever you can do, whenever you can do it is more than welcome. You can find more information on the daily themes on Danyi’s Tumblr page. If you’d like to post your contributions, please do so on the day with the Twitter hashtag #12MThemeWeek or the Tumblr tag ’12 Monkeys Theme…

12 Monkeys Season 1 | Time Capsule

Check out our 12 Monkeys Season 1 Time Capsule (with images, tweets by the cast/crew and fans!) Take a look back at the making and launch of Syfy’s 12 Monkeys dating all the way back to July 2013. It’s a blast! [View the story “12 Monkeys Season 1 | Time Capsule” on Storify]

Project Splinter Forum Online

Want to talk 12 Monkeys or share your fan art & fan fiction? Well, our brand new FORUM is the place to do that!!! You will need to register (below) to receive a login/password in order to access the Forum. This helps avoid bots and spammer attacks. Naturally, the Forum is brand new, so we’re launching with just a few general topics. Many more features will come online over the next few weeks leading up to the 12 Monkeys Season 1 finale. Need a universal avatar for the Forum? <Click Here Now!> We hope you enjoy our new forum and please tell other 12 Monkeys fans about [wp-members page=”register”] #admin update – the forum is no more – to…

12 Monkeys Gets Its Season 2!!!

Obviously, all of us here at are thrilled Syfy picked up 12 Monkeys for another season. No new show deserved continuing its phenomenal story more. Syfy made the right choice! That said, Justin’s reaction is priceless… so, take it away Naked Nerd! Congrats to Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett, Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Emily Hampshire, Kirk Acevedo, Noah Bean, Barbara Sukowa, Tom Noonan, Todd Stashwick, Demore Barnes, Romina D’Ugo and the entire cast/crew. Follow @TheNaked_Nerd Read the full press release below… SYFY UNCAGES MORE 12 MONKEYS Critically Acclaimed Time Travelling Thriller From Universal Cable Productions to Return For Second Season NEW YORK – March 12, 2015 – Syfy announced today that the widely praised adventure thriller 12 Monkeys has been…

12 Monkeys: Fans Pick Fave Episodes (Vote Now!)

A quick little Facebook poll revealed the 12 Monkeys Pilot is still the fan favorite episode. Here’s how the results stacked up (please feel free to cast your vote below)… #1. Pilot (Splinter) #2. The Night Room #3. The Keys #4. Yesterday #5. Mentally Divergent #6. Atari #7. Cassandra Complex #8. The Red Forest Why did fans pick certain episodes? Read on! Hank Otero – I love them all, but if I had to pick just one it would be… The Night Room. For me, this was the first episode that paid off big time. We had been hearing about this mysterious lab since episode 2 and seeing it was fantastic. The Jennifer flashback was brilliant and I loved her… Why You Should be Watching 12 Monkeys

A must read guys! Lucas Siegel of wrote a tremendous piece on 12 Monkeys and why more people should be watching it. We couldn’t agree with you more Lucas 😉 Here’s a quick excerpt: Mind-bending sci-fi? Check. Excellent primary cast? Check. Storytelling that’s simple in its complexity and just twisted enough to make you desperate to see what comes next? Check. That’s plenty of reasons to watch this excellent program. We can’t end there, though, not without talking about the supporting cast. Recurring characters like Katrina Jones and Ramse in the future, or Aaron who starts as a bit of a stick-in-the-mud but gradually grows on you, all play expertly into the story. Tom Noonan’s Pallid Man is just…

Welcome 12 Monkeys Fans!

Welcome to a site run by fans for fans of Syfy’s amazing 12 Monkeys! We invite you to take a look around and check out our “About Us” section to learn more about the team and our mission!!! Join us tonight as we “Live-Tweet” Episode 8 along with the cast and crew! Get your Twitter Event Fan Art

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