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12 Monkeys Appreciation Week Update

We have an update on the 12 Monkeys Appreciation Week, and which hashtag to use. Please see below from splinterboy:

12 MONKEYS APPRECIATION WEEK – 19th – 25th October 2015

it’s still like a month to go but here’s what’s happening.

  • No pressure to take part, of course.
  • No pressure to edit anything.
  • You don’t have to post something for every day and you can, I guess, make more than one post a day if you want!

The hashtag will be #adozenprimates (all one word, even on tumblr!). You can post on tumblr, twitter, and/or instagram even; just be sure to use the hashtag.

12 Monkeys Appreciation Week

Anyone remember 12 Monkeys Theme Week in April? As per, it looks like we’re doing it again. Yay!

Starting Oct 19th, there’s going to be a week of fandom madness for all the artists and writers out there. Post whatever inspires you for the theme on the day, can be anything from fanart, fanfic, fanvids, etc.

Stay tuned for the hashtag you’re supposed to use, we’ll update you when that’s decided.


12 Monkeys Theme Week starts today!

Hold on to your hats, 12 Monkeys Theme Week starts today! For the next five days, fans are encouraged to post fanvids, fanart, fan fictions and all sorts of other shenanigans as per the daily prompts given by insanityofdanyi.

You can post your entries either on Tumblr with the tag ’12 Monkeys Theme Week’ or on Twitter with the hashtag #12MonkeysThemeWeek. We’ll keep you updated on where to find a master list for all the entries and are looking forward to what your creative monkey brains will cook up!

’12 Monkeys Theme Week’ coming up

Calling all creative 12 Monkeys fans out there — @SinEater_Danyi had the great idea to celebrate the upcoming season 1 finale week with the 12 Monkeys Theme Week, where we’re encouraging everyone to contribute to a daily theme with fanart, fanvids, fan fictions, memes, or whatever else you’re inspired to create.

We hope to see many fans joining in, and by no means is it mandatory to submit something every day. Whatever you can do, whenever you can do it is more than welcome.

You can find more information on the daily themes on Danyi’s Tumblr page. If you’d like to post your contributions, please do so on the day with the Twitter hashtag #12MThemeWeek or the Tumblr tag ’12 Monkeys Theme Week’.

Please spread the word! Feel free to use our banner below.
(FYI: This is not an April Fool’s prank.)

Fan Video: 12 Monkeys – Ramse & Cole

Another amazing 12 Monkeys fan video by Master Veri titled “Ramse & Cole | I’ll Follow You With My Whole Life”… check it out!

Music: Mumford & Sons – White Blank Page

Fan Video: 12 Monkeys – Cole & Cassie

Check out Halona Holmes’ latest 12 Monkeys fan video titled “Cole & Cassie.” You guys just have to watch this!

Music: Fallen to Flux – Living with the Pain

Video: 12 Monkeys – (No)Return

Check out Halona Holmes’ amazing second 12 Monkeys fan video titled (No)Return! It’s brilliant!!!

Music: Titan Slayer – No Return

Video: 12 Monkeys – Cassie & Cole

Here is Halona Holmes’ first 12 Monkeys fan video titled Cassie & Cole! Keep an eye out for more videos from the very talented Halona.

Music: Titan Slayer – Dawning of Darkness