“12 Monkeys” Season 2 Premiere now available

With the April 18 season 2 premiere on Syfy Channel coming closer, it was recently announced that Syfy was going to make the first episode of the season available online two weeks prior to it airing on its actual network.

If you want to catch episode 2×01 already, you can do so right now on the Syfy website, via the Syfy Now app, on demand, or on Hulu (the latter of which now also has season 1 available for streaming). The rest of the season will air regularly on Syfy Channel — starting April 18, and then every Monday at 9/8c.

The official Syfy website is worth visiting for more in-depth material, such as new webisodes, cast interviews, ComicCon panel snippets, etc. (Sadly, most of this content will only be available to US residents.)


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