Moments Easily Missed – Don’t Mention The War!

12 Monkeys is filled with moments between or beyond the dialogue—often the moments easily missed. I’d like to share a few of them with you so that we can fully appreciate them.

Today we’re taking a closer look at a little snippet from the season 1 finale again. I know I keep bringing back Peter Outerbridge, but cut me some slack, I like the guy, okay? (Plus, I’ve had coffee with him once, and I have very fond memories.)

So here we are back in the temporal facility in 2015. The male Dr. Jones is getting the chair ready to do one more test run, and he’s got fond (or not so fond) memories of the wifey.

“It’s like Kat always used to say. You know, man, sometimes science is literally like watching paint dry.”

Did you catch the attempt at a German accent there? Granted, not perfect, and I should know. Cause I’m German, I know how to do bad German accents. But this still got a smile out of me. Thank you, Peter.

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  1. I had to grin, too for the same reason as I’m German, too. LOL Always find it funny when people try to imitate the accent. ;P

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