Moments Easily Missed – Nice To See You

12 Monkeys is filled with moments between or beyond the dialogue—often the moments easily missed. I’d like to share a few of them with you so that we can fully appreciate them.

Today we’re taking another look at episode 1×03 “Cassandra Complex”.

This one is perhaps a bit more obvious, but may still fall through the cracks for the more casual viewer. At least I can say for myself that I didn’t catch this particular quip the first time around.

Remember when Cole splinters back to 2043 after Cassie tells him he needs to stay away from her when he goes to Haiti? This is fairly early in the episode, and when he arrives back in his time, he has a hard time with the splintering and the physical pain it seems to cause. Jones is all business, barking, “Update, Mr. Cole!” at him. And he goes all sarcastic on her. “It’s nice to see you too.”

Now, while that pretty much summarizes their relationship at this point, I love that they toyed with this later in the episode. Cole chases Henri, and he tells Cole how to find the Night Room. Cole then splinters back to 2043. Jones is there to welcome him as usual, but this time she does it with a smug smile. “Mr. Cole. It’s nice to see you.”


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