12 Monkeys Theme Week starts today!

Hold on to your hats, 12 Monkeys Theme Week starts today! For the next five days, fans are encouraged to post fanvids, fanart, fan fictions and all sorts of other shenanigans as per the daily prompts given by insanityofdanyi.

You can post your entries either on Tumblr with the tag ’12 Monkeys Theme Week’ or on Twitter with the hashtag #12MonkeysThemeWeek. We’ll keep you updated on where to find a master list for all the entries and are looking forward to what your creative monkey brains will cook up!


    1. Enjoying it very much, thanks! I think Danyi is keeping a master list, I will have to check with her. We will definitely be updating you with that at the latest this weekend.

    2. Sorry for not replying sooner, I thought I had, but it looks like my mobile app swallowed up the comment. I loved the Theme Week, so many entries! I still haven’t been able to go through all of them, but I want to. Well, maybe except for the AUs, because that’s not really my thing. You’ve probably already seen it, but the master list is now available on Danyi’s Tumblr: http://insanityofdanyi.tumblr.com/post/116104591412/12-monkeys-theme-week-masterpost

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