’12 Monkeys Theme Week’ coming up

Calling all creative 12 Monkeys fans out there — @SinEater_Danyi had the great idea to celebrate the upcoming season 1 finale week with the 12 Monkeys Theme Week, where we’re encouraging everyone to contribute to a daily theme with fanart, fanvids, fan fictions, memes, or whatever else you’re inspired to create.

We hope to see many fans joining in, and by no means is it mandatory to submit something every day. Whatever you can do, whenever you can do it is more than welcome.

You can find more information on the daily themes on Danyi’s Tumblr page. If you’d like to post your contributions, please do so on the day with the Twitter hashtag #12MThemeWeek or the Tumblr tag ’12 Monkeys Theme Week’.

Please spread the word! Feel free to use our banner below.
(FYI: This is not an April Fool’s prank.)


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