Why You Should be Watching 12 Monkeys

A must read guys! Lucas Siegel of wrote a tremendous piece on 12 Monkeys and why more people should be watching it. We couldn’t agree with you more Lucas 😉

Here’s a quick excerpt:
Mind-bending sci-fi? Check. Excellent primary cast? Check. Storytelling that’s simple in its complexity and just twisted enough to make you desperate to see what comes next? Check. That’s plenty of reasons to watch this excellent program. We can’t end there, though, not without talking about the supporting cast. Recurring characters like Katrina Jones and Ramse in the future, or Aaron who starts as a bit of a stick-in-the-mud but gradually grows on you, all play expertly into the story. Tom Noonan’s Pallid Man is just about the creepiest villain I’ve seen on screen, ever, especially when he smiles. And Emily Hampshire’s Jennifer Goines is an expertly played, special brand of crazy that any actor would love to take a crack at (and few could pull off even half as well).

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